Monday, August 18, 2008


With the thick smog of accumulated deadlines now dissipated, I can take a deep breath and relax a bit. Today I not only finished a long overdue article on my India experience (for an online mag I produce with a handful of talented fellow creatives), I finally finished my research paper too! You know, the one that was meant to culminate our entire Jain experience? The whole reason we went to India in the first place? The really long one that just kept going and going and going…

Day and night I have been swimming through a dense sea of books and online journals, Jain scriptures and lecture notes. This, with my “real job” and night class due dates to contend with as well. Anyone who spoke to me during this period would have found me a: withdrawn, or b: giddy with excitement for having briefly escaped my thought lair.

(See above pic. Yes I do have a proper workspace elsewhere in the house, but this intense undertaking required a more comfortable set up. Now if only I could teach the cat to do citations. If only…)

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