Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back Home and Ready to Confess

Jains don’t participate in confession. Theirs is a religion of self-reliance and no intermediary such as a priest can help you purge your sins. Instead, Jains perform tapas (acts of self-mortification) to help rid themselves of karma which they believe to be a material substance that sticks to your soul. Popular methods include fasting, sitting out in the sun for long periods and pulling out one’s hair by the fistful!

Not surprisingly, I choose the confessional path. My declartion: I’m home now – have been for almost two weeks.

As for the fate of this blog? Well, I have a notebook full of India observations still begging to be uploaded. Which means I get to continue living out my trip indefinitely even though I’m back in Ottawa (incidentally, this is a helpful technique for reducing reverse-culture shock – a condition I’m currently suffering from severely).

If this admission of delayed reporting disrupts the mystique of my trip account, please forgive me. Besides, since I spent the first two weeks of my trip dumbfounded, pretty much all of my posts were backdated anyway.

Hope you’ll stay tuned for more observations: NOW NEW AND IMPROVED with the benefit of hindsight and a better internet connection.


Jon said...

Your photoshop skills are phenomenal :)

Garage Wench said...

Glad you're home safe & sound